Outside-In Leadership Consultancy

Accelerate your business growth by taking an outside perspective

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Expand your vision, walk through perceived limitations


Step outside to see things as they could be

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Fresh Thinking, Clear Direction, Effective Action

Gain perspective and confidence to lead growth inside your business

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Uncover your core values, Increase your self-awareness and develop a more effective style of communication

Vision & Values

Energise and guide your business as it grows through a shared vision and common values

Team Development

Create greater meaning to bring out the full potential of your people

Business Planning

Broadsheet planning, frameworks for success and walking the talk…



hours per day we spend sitting


Percentage of time we spend indoors


Waking hours spent in the workplace

Looking for Fresh Thinking and clear direction?


Step Outside

Resources for our leadership journey

Useful prompts, waypoints, bearings, handrails and check lists to help guide us on our leadership journey…



Typical symptoms of an under performing team


Your Leadership Inventory


5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership


Want to expand your vision and walk through your limitations?



Step Outside
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